No territory restrictions

Nominal, if any, customer conflict issues with other Bethel agents

Unexperienced agents & Start-up agencies evaluated & accepted

Exceptional Credit Ratings via all industry reporting services

Thousands of qualified MCs

Invoicing & settlements to MCs & Owner Ops processed by Bethel

Rapid MC & customer assessments & set-ups

Weekly settlements to Agents & Owner Ops

Good FMCSA scores on Owner Operator MC

Diversify ... Recruit Owner Ops to work exclusively for your Bethel Agency

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Bethel Trans, Ltd. is an asset & non-asset based domestic, international, and military-qualified motor carrier. Bethel's Driver, Owner-Operator, & Freight-Broker Agents are treated like family as part of the Bethel companies. Bethel is currently expanding its operations on the asset & broker sides of its businesses. Bethel's transportation companies are VOSBs. Bethel is looking for experienced & unexperienced integrity-driven agents nationwide.

Youngstown, Canfield, Ohio 44406, United States